FlyQuest defeats Golden Guardians in 2020 League of Legends Championship Series LCS Spring Playoffs

FlyQuest defeated Golden Guardians 3-0 on Tuesday’s best-of-five 2020 League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) Spring Playoffs games. This gives FlyQuest an opportunity to advance towards the lower bracket of the playoffs. In the meantime, it marks the end for Golden Guardians’ shot of moving forward in the season.

The first game FlyQuest played lasted 42 minutes. Although they had gained a large gold lead over Golden Guardians, they managed to impress viewers with Lucas “Santorin” Larsen’s Elder Dragon steal towards the end of the game. Overall, they managed to earn 15 kills over GG’s 9 kills, marking the start of today’s victories.

The second and third games seemed to snowball from the first. FlyQuest ended each game in double-digit kills with plenty of gold and objectives. Their mid laner, Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, counted as the highest damage dealt compared to each player in the first two matches. As FlyQuest outperformed GG in almost every way possible, the third matched showed some changes. Golden Guardians were able to deal more damage than FlyQuest, but even that wasn’t enough to save their game.

Going from losses to victories

Today’s games were a massive turnaround from their previous games against Evil Geniuses. Through four games, FlyQuest had been able to win one, though that win didn’t last long as EG managed to close the final game out in 40 minutes.

Additionally, FlyQuest’s newest tree-planting initiative has doubled up the amount of trees they plant. For every win, the team will plant 200 trees. This initiative motivates the team to win more games in order to help contribute to the environment. Because of their victorious few games, it looks like they’ll be doing some digging this week.

Up next, they’re going to face off on Sunday against the winner of tomorrow’s 100 Thieves vs. TSM game. You can tune in on the official LoL Esports website.

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