Paris Legion release Fire ahead of Call of Duty League Stage 3

By 4 months ago

It appears the Paris Legion aren’t on board with this year’s rookie trend in the Call of Duty League after all. Earlier today, the organization announced that it released Luis “Fire” Rivera from both the starting roster and team itself.

After a lackluster performance in Stage 2, a roster move by Paris was expected. The Legion bowed out of the Stage 2 Major without winning a map, losing 3-0 to the LA Thieves. In this match specifically, Fire was, noticeably, the worst player on the map. The rookie finished with a 0.54 KD, only managing 13 kills in the Hardpoint.

While the rest of the Call of Duty League might be hopping aboard the rookie train, this move proves that Paris is attempting to hop off of it.

Fire released from Paris Legion

Throughout Stage 2, Fire was about as inconsistent as a player can be. On some maps, he finished with the highest KD of anyone on the Legion roster, including their last match before the Major. He posted a 1.19 KD against Florida; good for best in the series.

There are more bad finishes than good, however. Far too often than not, Fire would become a liability for Paris, holding back the sometimes stellar play of his teammates. This, in conjunction with the Legion reportedly wanting to go in another direction, led to his release.

According to sources at Breaking Point, the Legion are looking to head in the direction of a veteran player. That player is reportedly Donny “Temp” Laroda. Although he most recently played for the LA Thieves in a substitute capacity, Temp was on the Thieves’ starting roster to start the year.

Breaking Point’s sources indicate that Temp is no longer under contract with LA, giving him the freedom to sign with Paris. It’s likely Paris won’t wait too long to make the announcement themselves, however, as Stage 3 of the Call of Duty League begins on April 22.